Auto Capture Your Working Time

See how much time you spend on each application and convert it in money

Office Integration

Capture the time that you spend on reading email in Outlook or typing a Word Document.

Browser Integration

Did you know how much time you spend on Website A or B? Just track them and convert into timesheet entry!

Custom Integration

Track your own applications in you computer, just set the exe file name and you are ready to go.

xTime Application

xTime is a windows application that track your daily activity in your computer and helps you remeber what you did and helps you on your timesheet entries.

  • Secure
    Data is only available in your computer and in your user windows session. Nothing is sent to our server.

  • Offline
    No internet access? No worries xTime Works Offline.

  • Flexible
    Do your company have applications that you want to track? Add the exe file name in your xTime config file.

Capture time in FireFox Browser
Capture time in Outlook
Capture time while using teams
Capture time in your Excel Sheet
Capture how many time browser chrome is open
Capture the time in Internet Explorer websites
Capture how much time you spend in Word
Capture your developed time
Powerpoint time capture
Notepad time tracking
Adobe Acrobat or pdf time capture
Capture Gmail open time
Capture your own applications
Capture calendar events
Office 365 capture time using
Track the time using skype

Frequently Asked

Check out our client frequently questions asked, and if is not enough please let us know.

1. What is exacly xTime?

xTime is a Windows Application (not mobile application), that you install in your computer (windows only) to capture all you activity durring the day. Target: Helps you on Timesheet task.

2. xTime is TimeSheet System?

No. xTime is not a TimeSheet and right now don't have any integrations with TimeSheet Systems.

3. Price?

xTime is beta version and right now is free for download.

4. My data is safe?

Yes, your data is store in your PC. We don´t send data to our servers.

xTime application Mockup
Download xTime beta 9 for Free

To get started with xTime, please follow this steps:

Now do your normal work and leave the xTime capture your activities